Whereoscope.com is closed (Jul 1, 2013) ! Archived version of the site.

Your service is awesome! I love that it allows me to track my phone and other's phones while just running in the background. It is pretty cool to see all the places I went over the course of the last couple of days without having to input anything. It's so cool that it can alert me if I'm close to another one of my family members. Plus the web interface is easy to use and fast. Well done.


So far we have been using this app for about a week and my wife and I are loving it. Our 12 year old daughter actually said that she liked having it also so she knows where "mom and dad" are at any given time.


Whereoscope is an awesome way to keep track of where my family members are. It helps us better coordinate dinner times with the notifications.


The best online customer support I have ever encountered on the web. Quickly answered all of my concerns in the friendliest way imaginable. Their high level of personal service made me feel valued and welcome.


I had to replace my iPhone and Whereoscope is showing my location where my old phone is. Other than this issue, it's been great. It's saved my wife and I a lot of texting or calling to find out where each other was, what time we'd be home, etc. We love it. And this issue looks to be fixable.