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See where your kids are

Whereoscope is a fast and reliable way to know when your kids are at school, playing sports, or just about to get home.

Use the latest in smartphone technology to keep your family safe.

Always-on location

Whereoscope automatically tracks your children's location so they don't have to do anything to keep you updated.

Whereoscope is very power-conscious so they can use it without draining their battery.

Automatic notifications

Whereoscope automatically detects when your family members are arriving at or leaving the places you care about, such as Home, School or Work.

You can keep track of as many places as you like, and get alerts when anyone in the family goes there.

Only you can see your kids

Whereoscope protects your family's extremely personal location data and will only ever make it available to your family.

Your data is kept in a secure data-centre, safe from intruders. We take data security very seriously.

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